MAG beta registry invites being sent out (Update)

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MAG. It’s massive. It’s got action. It’s a game. Oh, and Sony just started sending out invites for beta registry to those registered for PlayStation Network.

“We are looking for a few good leaders to help us shape the most ambitious shooter ever,” the email reads, inviting users to click an email link and then to tell them  “why you deserve to be among them.”

What is this, homework!? We suppose it’s a small price to pay for the opportunity to participate in the beta for “the most ambitious shooter ever.” Oh, and just to be clear — the invite apparently doesn’t guarantee participation. But considering the game supports up to 256 players at once, we have a feeling Sony’s going to need more than just a “few” good men and women to work out the kinks. 

Have you received your beta registry invite? Let us know in the comments.

[Thanks, Michael!]

[Update: We have a screen of the “enrollment” form, which doesn’t look as much like homework as we had expected. 

Also of note is that invites are being sent out in waves; Sony warns that if you don’t receive an invite, you shouldn’t register again. Because that would be totally annoying.] 

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