Mafia III gets its first DLC nearly six months after launch

At least you know it wasn’t on-disc

Mafia III didn’t hit a lot of the right notes for a lot of people, but if you’re still into the idea of playing past the slog of a campaign, there’s some DLC in the pipeline. The first of three packs is actually available today, and will feature Lincoln Clay yet again in the chapter “Faster, Baby!” The other two add-ons are coming this summer.

While you wait (for the others, or to see if this first one is any good) you can grab a demo for Mafia III starting today on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The Mafia series is an interesting beast, as there’s an eight year gap between the first and second game, and a six year gap between the second and third.

Only the first has a sterling reputation, but the second broke the record for the most cursing in a game (which was subsequently taken by Grand Theft Auto V), so it has something!

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