Mafia: Definitive Edition has a great callback to Mafia III’s kinkiest moment

Mafia game

Kinky Klowns from Lost Heaven

The Mafia remake launches tomorrow, and developer Hangar 13 did a great job with it. If you’re looking for our final verdict, you can check out our review.

Among all the finer details that Hangar 13 nailed to create a stunning remake, the studio also tucked away a callback to possibly the weirdest moment in Mafia history. In Mafia III, while breaking up the sex racket, you’re tasked with killing three kinky VIPs. They’re just some old dudes trying to get their rocks off. One of them has a very particular fetish where he dresses up like this:

That completely normal guy is back again with a cameo in Mafia: Definitive Edition. During Chapter 7: The Whore & the Priest, Tommy’s asked to bust up a brothel. In a room adjacent to the manager’s office, who do we find? Our old buddy:

Same kink as always, except this time he’s in no position to pull a shotgun. I let him live, though. That’s the only way Lincoln Clay can canonically murder him in Mafia III. I can’t be the one to screw with the Mafia metaverse. Who knows what kind of butterfly effect that’ll have on everything down the line.

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