MadWorld: The most awesomely violent Wii experience yet

The Internet is abuzz with talk about upcoming Wii game MadWorld, the ultra violent action title from Platinum Games (the new company composed of key members from Okami-creator Clover Studio). And if the above trailer is any indication, the game looks to be violent … really violent.

Honestly, I am still in shock that this is a Wii game. Not that I’m complaining (I <3 my Wii). It’s just that, if someone told me months ago that the Wii would be home to the story of a contestant on a ridiculously violent television show who must kill people and bathe the surrounding world with gushing red blood to impress and entertain the audience watching all of the carnage at home, I would have laughed in his/her face.

Seriously, though, that’s the (amazing) premise: Presented in beautiful black & white, players are required to “paint” the minimalist world with the bright red blood emitted from enemies. Like a twisted take on Okami, MadWorld seems to focus heavily on incorporating the game’s visuals into the actual gameplay.

After viewing the trailer, check out some gorgeous images in the below gallery and let us know what you think. Are you excited? Surprised? Like me, does the trailer give you the sudden urge to watch Hellboy and Sin City?

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