Madworld offers ‘Blood Bath Challenges’ for the multiplayer-hungry

Those of us disenchanted with the Wii’s lack of “mature” titles have surely got a bone in the pants for Platinum Games’ upcoming gorefest Madworld. Described as a game wrapped around the concepts of brutality and exhilaration, I have to admit I have no idea how this title ever got approved to appear on the family-friendly Wii.

I have to admit I never even wondered if the game would have multiplayer (but being more of a solo gamer, I don’t really pay any mind to these things), but it looks like people fiending to share the bloodshed with a friend can look forward to it in the form of “Blood Bath Challenges”, which are mentioned on the official website.

Looks like I am finally going to be dusting off my Wii and giving it some serious time soon .. and I can invite a friend to the party!

[Via Kotaku]

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