MadWorld is violent, new trailer proves it

MadWorld caresses that part of my brain that craves savage things. Sega’s Wii-exclusive title (set to hit retail mid-March) is all about slicing, sticking, and plunging baddies. The pen-and-ink visuals contrast beautifully with the bright crimson spurts that cascades out of victims upon physical contact. MadWorld could be that next blissful union between great visceral gameplay and gore that I’ve wanted since putting down Gears of War 2.

This trailer punctuates MadWorld’s flair with a good bit of humor. It features two sportscasters who recount the bloody exploits and highlight certain sections of the game. There isn’t much to be gleaned from the trailer that hasn’t already been covered by Hamza in his preview, but it’s a worth a watch for a laugh, and you can see the game in motion.

Brad BradNicholson