Madden 09 simulation shows Vikings have most to gain with Favre

As most sports fans are aware, Brett Favre is stirring up some trouble in Green Bay.  The latest news is that the veteran has signed his reinstatement papers, and has quietly told the Packers to figure something out or he is going to show up at training camp soon. This news probably freaks out back-up quarterback Aaron Rodgers a bit more than he lets on, but the Pack brass is adamant that Favre will not be the starter. The natural conclusion to this mess is that Favre will be playing for another team this year. In an attempt to foresee the best move for Favre, the guys at Tiburon have simulated the 2008 season in Madden 09 with Favre at the helm of several different teams.

The teams included in the simulation are all teams that the media believes are interested in the gunslinger. The list includes the Buccaneers, the Jets, Vikings, and even the Packers. For reference, Tiburon also simulated the 2008 season for those teams without Favre. The winner of the simulation is the Minnesota Vikings. In purple, Favre threw a decent 3,356 yards, with 29 TDs and only 10 interceptions. He ended the year with a 100.7 QB rating, but the team lost in the Wild Card game vs the Buccaneers.

Without Favre, Tarvaris Jackson put up 2,962 passing yards and a very pedestrian 11 TDs. The regular season record with Favre was 10-6, while without was 5-11. Of all the places I think the man should go (other than home) I would prefer the Vikings. He seems like a good fit, although picturing him in a Vikings jersey sends chills down my spine.

Hit the break for the full graphs of the simulation and tell me what you think.

A full season of Madden 2009 with Favre starting for each of these teams.

A full season of Madden 2009 without Favre listed on the roster.

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