Madden 09 coming to the Xbox, original that is

It looks as though the only console to ever weigh over forty pounds will be receiving the Madden gift this August. A writer at EastBayRI noticed, on the bottom of a press release pertaining to Madden 2009, that the game was mentioned for the original Xbox. Perplexed, he contacted Electronic Arts product manager, Anthony Stevenson for confirmation.

Our consumers play a big role in deciding what platforms to release games on. Last generation consoles, e.g. Xbox and PS2, proved to still be viable platforms last year, so as long as enough people are playing on them, there’s a chance we’ll release a game for it.

Sony let us know how viable the PlayStation 2 was this year, but the original Xbox? It seems like an odd choice, but there’s obviously still a market for it if EA is choosing to pursue it. It would be amazing if our 360s will be able to last as long as these Xbox units. I’m on number six, by the way. Also, for posterity – Brett Favre is in the game, on the cover, and haunting your NFL dreams.

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