Madden 09 and FaceBreaker demos are available

Quick, get to your controller Madden fans. This morning, Major Nelson updated his page with the latest content, which includes demos for Madden NFL 2009 and FaceBreaker. We know all about Madden. It’s got Brett Favre on the cover, Peter Moore is making it easier, and the game is supposed to be adaptive to you this year. Finally, the AI will take pity on my inability to stop any rusher above a rating of 88.

FaceBreaker is being developed by EA Canada, the same guys that brought all of us Fight Night. Instead of the typical simulation approach, the developers decided to create a spiritual successor to Ready 2 Rumble Boxing. I can’t say Ready 2 Rumble really needed anyone else to follow-up on it, but it’s happening. The cartoony style is accompanied by a “real-time facial deformation” engine, so hit some dude’s face a billion times and tell me how it goes.

Both demos are up right now, so it might be best to get in line as early as possible. While you’re waiting, I suggest writing haikus about your favorite gameplay aspects in Madden. If you’re really bored and willing to do that, post them here for fun!

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