Madasgascar gets a kart racer

Kart racing. It’s pretty much the genre equivalent of the village bicycle. Not everyone has had a ride quite yet, but we’re getting there and there’s only a few franchises that are still waiting in line to try this sucker out. Somehow the Madagascar franchise jumped to the head of the line and hopped onto the kart racing genre for a ride. How, you ask. Here’s an equation:

Major Game Company + Successful Children’s Franchise + Successful Children’s Genre = Money

As you can tell from the trailer above the game, which is landing on the Wii and DS, will have karts and multiplayer and you can do flips in your karts. Normally we’d completely and totally skip showing this off to you because in all likelihood you don’t care, but there are two reasons you’re seeing the video above. The first is that it’s fun to make fun of things and it’s the weekend. The second is that whoever put this trailer together clearly took a hint from Chad “AMAZING!” Concelmo because AMAZING! is literally written across the screen as one of the game’s features. I don’t know about you, but I want AMAZING! to be a part of every game I own.

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