Mad Max trailer is seriously missing some Furiosa

Warboy pale in comparison

Oh, man. Look, I trust in Avalanche’s (Just Cause) ability to make crazy, fun, open action games, even if I’m leery about the studio putting out two in one year (Mad Max and Just Cause 3). 

But! And this is a honking ‘ol, head turning, “dayum”-inducing but…

The idea of Mad Max anything sans Imperator Furiosa no longer makes sense to me for my eyes hath been opened, I have gazed upon the Fury Road and this dulled, drab, Furiosa-less trailer leaves me feeling thirsting like the desert sands.

For real. I saw Mad Max: Fury Road last night and man does this “truly a standalone game with original characters, storyline and setting crafted from the ground up to rival the best games out there” just fucking warboy pale in comparison. Where is the color? This is more gray and near-white and muddy brown than even the original trilogy’s look. Where’s the blue sky? Just Cause 3 manages it. Where’s the Furiosa? Already noted, but worth noting again. Where are the one take shots of actual stuntmen jumping over a semi and dropping bombs from above without obfuscating, frenetic editing or gigs on gigs on gigs on CGI?

This looks like a pretty regular, standard video game. Set against the new movie screaming less than 24 hours fresh in my brain, though, this Mad Max game seems sort of sad.

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