Mad Catz Xbox 360 TE: FightStick bundle available (Update)

Whoa. Mad Catz’ Xbox 360 Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition FightSticks are finally available for purchase at the official Gameshark store. Unfortunately, at this time, Mad Catz isn’t offering the controllers as standalone items. Instead, the TE Fightstick will come in a bundle that includes several items and one (presumably) really big typo:

  • Official Street Fighter IV PS3 Tournament Edition FightStick
  • Official Street Fighter IV Faceplate and Console Skinz for Xbox 360 – Characters
  • Official Street Fighter IV Vinyl Wall Scroll
  • Xbox 360 Controller Extension Cable

The bundle is 200 bucks and is probably already sold out. So, try to get one while it’s hot.

[Update: GameStop is offering them as standalone items.]

[Update 2: GameStop is sold out.]

Brad BradNicholson