Mad Catz brings on the Resident Evil 5 merch blitz

Of course the release of Resident Evil 5 is going to be big — it’s by far one of the most anticipated games of 2009, and I fully expect scores of gamers to be messing their pants for it the day it’s released. Of course, no major game release would be complete without merch whoring, and Mad Catz has stepped up to the plate with a slew of stuff you’ll never need (but will certainly want).

According to Siliconera, everything from controller faceplates to Bluetooth headsets will be available for the obsessed RE5 fan, now available for sale (Amazon has all of them listed already). Some of this stuff is cool and some of it I wouldn’t buy, but that may say more about my level of obsession with the game than the product itself. For instance, I’d buy a Ninokuni tampon dispenser, and God knows that’s an item that doesn’t need to exist, but the power of fandom renders me utterly helpless once again.

Colette Bennett