MacGyver trick juices up your 360 WiFi


How does it feel to pay a hundred smackers for a 360 Wireless Network Adapter, when the teensy little Wii comes with a free Mitsumi 802.11b/g wireless module, right out of the box? After absconding from the Amazon warehouse with my Red Gleaming Death Machine this year, I became slightly perturbed when I discovered I had to plop down an additional Benjamin to keep a mess of tangled wire out of my living room. The knowledge that these 360 adapters often provide lousy connections kinda pours lemon juice on the wound, doesn’t it? 

Good news has come to light for all you high rollers who threw out the cash for the 360 WiFi adapter. Those rapscallions over at Household Hacker claim you can boost your connection and reduce latency with a roll of tape, aluminum foil, and an empty chip bag. I know, right? Too good to be true? Stick your ear to the ground and you’ll already hear whispers of cooler-than-thou techies claiming this trick is a fraud. Anyone have an adapter you’re willing to test this trick on? Let us know how it works out for ya. Worst case scenario, it could cost you a wasted half hour and your pride. If it works, though … you could be smoothly gliding through a pingless jungle paradise, popping the heads off of civilians in East Timor, executing mission commands and propping up the Suharto regime, flanking and rolling and jiving, or whatever the hell it is you kids do in your Tom Clancy games these days. 

The most important issue here is: Why does a bag of chips drastically improve a cheap technology you’re already turning a $70 profit off of, Microsoft? And secondly, is Angus MacGyver a gamer? Because this hack just smacks of his backyard, “Just Folks” ingenuity. I hear this trick works particularly well if your conscience is haunted by a fatal gun accident that killed one of your closest friends when you were a child.

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