Lupe Fiasco is going to kick Daigo’s ass in Street Fighter V

This is Rocky VIII

Things are popping off in the hip hop world this week.

Kanye lied about not liking his ass eaten after a deluge of tweet beef with Wiz Khalifa. Kanye eventually deleted the 20 or so tweets aimed at Khalifa, but they still exist online. While Kanye might’ve really opened up because of misunderstanding the “KK” in a Khalifa tweet to be a reference to his wife, Kim Kardashian, rather than a reference to weed, Khalifa was likely only on West’s radar for a few earlier tweets knocking West for using “Waves” as an album name.

And while the Kanye’s Khalifa barbs were righteous, he loses points for hurriedly hiding the fact that he likes his ass eaten.

There was also pharma’s man-boy villain Martin Shkreli, after making $5 million bail, calling Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah “an old man that’s lost his relevance,” which is a weird thing to do when you buy someone’s album for $2 million. Shkreli threatened to erase Ghost’s verses on the new Wu-Tang album, which Shkreli has the lone copy of, after Ghost called Shkreli a “shithead” and “the Michael Jackson nose kid.” Shkreli delivered his message (and demanded an apology) in a recorded a video with goofy masked goons behind him, in an effort to…scare Ghost? I know Shkreli was arrested before he quickly put up five mil, but I’m pretty sure he wasn’t in jail or arrested as many times as Ghost. Also he looks you spliced Michael Jackson, Michael Ian Black, and a baby.

And, finally, onto our story, our ostensible reason for reading (you) and writing (me) this article, other than to put content online for pay, to pal around with my friends about music on a lazy Friday, but mostly to talk about Kanye lying about not liking his ass eaten.

Rapper Lupe Fiasco’s last album, a return to form, is called Tetsuo & Youth if you want to check the standard millennial nerd bonafides. He also he drops Lupin the III and Thundercats references in his verse on Kanye’s “Touch the Sky” over a decade ago.

Someone asked Lupe on Twitter if he watches EVO, to which he replied, “Only to study Daigo…” Mad Catz’ Mark Julio — who loved my recent dispatch from the Mad Catz Street Fighter V tournament, by the way — asked Lupe if he was down to fight Daigo, who is sponsored by Mad Catz, in Street Fighter V. Lupe confirmed, “It would be an honor to lose to Daigo-San.”

Good week, all. See you Monday.

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