Lunar Knights intro online; space vampires are the epitome of rad

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None of you played Boktai. Don’t even try to play it off like you did, because I’ve seen the sales numbers.

Kojima was over at my house just yesterday and we were eating grilled cheese sandwiches, see, and he hands me this roll of paper. So, I’m like “Hideo, what’s this?”, to which he mumbled something … probably in Japanese. Anyway, I unroll it (he never folds things, he always rolls stuff up like some kind of A1 scroll or something), and it’s the sales numbers for the first three Boktai games. Do you know how many were sold? Two copies! Of all three games combined, only two copies were sold! After I asked him about it, he started crying and drooling bits of grilled cheese everywhere, so after I got Hideo cleaned up, and calmed him down with a glass of milk, I sent him on his merry way. I can’t stand to see virtuoso game developers cry.

Shame on all of you people for not supporting the man, because he has once again proven his genius with the newest iteration of the Boktai series, Lunar Knights (the intro to which you can see above). I’ve been playing it a lot lately, and believe me when I say this is easily in the top three of all action-RPGs whose plot centers primarily on the extermination of space vampires and touch-screen based third person shooting games. Yeah, it’s that good. 

Unless you want my kitchen counter to be awash with the tears of Hideo “My Snake Is Bigger Than Yours” Kojima again, just go out and buy this game.

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