Lunar: Harmony of the Silver Star PSP remake new screens

Remember when we told you that a remake of the classic role-playing game Lunar: The Silver Star Story is coming to the PSP? We were anxious to see what this update would look like, especially with the reported isometric view , hand-drawn characters, and reworked graphics.

Now we can take a look at a handful of new screens, thanks to Siliconera. The battle system looks to use a little icon menu bar at the top right of the screen, with a character image and stats at the bottom. It’s a cleaner, more open look than the earlier games. While there are only a few images, we can get a look at some of the lush backdrops and character art of the game, all of which look great. It looks as if all the exploration is done in the isometric view, and then things switch to the old side view for battle. 

And here’s a juicy rumor on the game: Siliconera says that XSEED may be picking up this title for North America. Fingers crossed!

Lunar fans, what do you think of these new screens?

Dale North