Luminous Arc 2 trailer: Another attempt to sell me something I’ll suck at

Atlus has released a new trailer for Luminous Arc 2. It’s looking like what we’d be able to expect based on the first one. I’m intrigued to see how well the “Engagement” mechanic works once it’s available sans moonspeak. Could be just what some people need to get a portable strategy fix.

The game releases in North America on November 18th. As the trailer reminds you, it comes packaged with a soundtrack CD which, judging by the video, seems to be instrumental. Kind of a shame, as I really dig the song they used in the background. There’s also an art book available as a pre-order bonus, as part of the “Atlus Spoils” campaign.

Damn you, Atlus. You know I can’t resist your games, but you persist in putting out titles that I’ll never have any hope of actually completing. You know how terrible I am at tactics and stuck that jiggly witch in there, just knowing it would be the death knell for my wallet, didn’t you? You bastards.


Conrad Zimmerman