Luminous Arc 2 DS beams a few new screens

If these new screens are anything to judge by, the women of Luminous Arc look decidely angry. That could either be a total turn off or really hot to you, depending on how weird you are.

This is Atlus’ second game in the strategy RPG series and is expected out this November (although if you are lucky enough to read Japanese, you may have been enjoying it since May). It features a suitably epic storyline where the world is consumed by its use of magic and critters called Beast Fiends are ravaging the land. In other words, everything you could possibly want from an Atlus SRPG.

I haven’t checked out the first game, but having read reviews where it was called great fun because it refused to take itself too seriously definitely piques my interest. Anyone play the first one and would recommend it to a gamer new to the series?

Colette Bennett