Lumines Super Nova coming to PlayStation Network, eyes bloodshot at the thought

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The latest issue of Famitsu in Japan has revealed that Q Entertainments Lumines will be coming to PlayStation Network later this year. Titled Lumines Super Nova, the game will include a brand new mode called “Dig Down,” which throws a preset number of blocks at you that must be cleared. 

No word on whether the game will contain new skins and music, or if gamers will be nickeled and dimed like they were when Lumines LIVE! came to the Xbox 360 some time ago. For those with short memories, the Lumines LIVE! came in multiple “pieces,” with the initial download leaving out multiplayer and puzzle modes, as well as some skins. 

When the game first hit Xbox LIVE, I bitched endlessly about how they delivered the “full experience” to users. With that said, I definitely spread my wallet wide open, and lost many, many hours to the game. To this day, you’ll still find me losing myself in both Lumines and Lumines II on my PlayStation Portable.

Will I spend money on Lumines Super Nova? Probably. I’m a sucker for games with colorful, falling blocks. I certainly can’t be the only one, right?

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