Lumines comes to the iPhone despite the lack of buttons

Look, I love puzzle game Lumines dearly, as do I my iPhone. It’s just that I don’t see the two mixing together well. Lumines requires quick reaction times and accurate control, neither of which the iPhone’s touchscreen excels at. But it’s coming anyway, care of Q Entertainment.

The folks at 1UP say that this iPhone version will see some new content, like skins and music, and that we should expect to see it later this year, perhaps around September. There are no other details available yet, so we’ll look forward to price and control details in the near future.

In related news, it seems that both Lumines Supernova and Lumines Live will see price drops around the same time. This all comes from a large planned marketing push that Q Entertainment has lined up for the end of this year.

Here’s to hoping that Lumines works well on the iPhone.

Dale North