Luigi is a playable race in Super Mario Galaxy!

Where I come from, my online haunt long before Destructoid, we have a certain rule — thou shalt pay homage to the Green God. The superior Mario brother, Luigi, is something of a cult figure in my part of the ‘hood, so it’s with great pleasure that I wake up to this awesome news tidbit — Luigi is a playable character in Super Mario Galaxy.

Upon completion of the game, it’s been revealed that, much like with New Super Mario Brothers, you will be able to control the Holy One himself in all his grass-colored glory. Praise be! Subscribers to Luigism everywhere will be dancing in the streets and, hopefully, calling off the Luihad they’d declared. 

A full scan of the guide, containing all the juicy details, is provided if you want to know more. Just clicky clicky, kids.  

[Thanks to TehuberOne]

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