Lucky Star meets classic Famicom for more WTF action

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To really know what’s going on here, you’d have to be knee deep in anime nerdity, but if you’re not, we don’t mind explaining a bit.

In Japan, the anime Lucky Star is one of the hottest things around, and it’s opening title song “Motekke! Serafuku” (Take it! Sailor uniform) rocked the CD sales charts. Now fans dance in the street to this, making sure to match the animated dance choreography of the opening. The amazing fandom behind the song and dance has created some of the craziest fan videos, and now we have a new addition to the collection. 

Someone super-fan has taken the animation’s original dance and found classic NES/Famicom clips to match/replace them. Some miss the mark, but most are dead on and hilarious. It all comes out to a wild tour of classic 8-bit games set to a wacky song, and if you know the source (which you can watch after the jump), then that’s just an added bonus. 

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