Lucha Libre gets its pre-order bonus and you can wear it

Lucha Libre: AAA Heroes of the Ring has just got a ridiculous-yet-awesome pre-order bonus at GameStop. If you pre-order you will receive a Lucha Libre wrestling mask. Online pre-orders online get the Dr. Wagner mask while those who pre-order in-store will receive one of the four different masks shown above. Whatever you get you’ll be pretending to be a Mexican wrestler in your backyard in no time.*

My interest level in Mexican wrestling is nil, and until this year’s E3 I didn’t even know that Lucha Libre: AAA Heroes of the Ring was a thing. In fact these pre-orders would have been only a slight blip of ridiculousness to me. However, Konami’s press conference has endeared me so much to every single game they are doing that I am actually excited by the pre-order for a game that I don’t even want that is based on a sport I have no interest in. Way to blow my mind, Konami.

*If you put a wrestling mask on and pretend to be a wrestler in your backyard, thus causing bodily harm to yourself, you are an idiot.

[Thanks, Eriko]

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