Lovely shoot ’em up Jamestown arrives next month on Switch

December 12

I remember the first time I sat down to play Jamestown (also known by its full name Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony) back in 2011: it was bliss.

Not only is the premise incredible (an alt-history Mars that mirrors colonial conflict with a steampunk twist), but the multiplayer shoot ’em up action really spoke to me. Naturally it would be perfect for (wait for it) Switch, and we did get a confirmation that the port was in the works, but no date. Until now.

According to publisher Final Form Games, the current iteration of the game, Jamestown+, will arrive on Switch on December 12. It’ll sport all of the updates so far, and will also simultaneously launch on PC and pull the PS4 version forward into the December 2019 update. What’s plussed-up about it? Well two new levels, four new ships, and various improvements like new artwork, tweaked bullet patterns and remastered music.

I’m ready to triple-dip!

Jamestown+ [Nintendo]

Chris Carter
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