Lovecraftian retro shooter Forgive Me Father 2 is in the works

Forgive me Father 2 Screen

The darkness comes

Fulqrum Publishing has announced that a sequel to Byte Barrel’s 2022 retro-inspired shooter, Forgive Me Father, is on the way to PC. Forgive Me Father 2 is said to “build up on the satisfying action of the first game and double down on the striking pulp, comic book inspired visuals.”

A teaser has been dropped alongside the announcement, and as with most teasers, it doesn’t really show off anything in terms of actual gameplay. Just a pair of hands reloading a revolver.

At least that small bit of gameplay has shown off what is definitely an FPS. The first game in the series was a Lovecraftian twist on the classic shooter formula. It tied in creepy eldritch weapons and a madness system that let you go nuts on enemies. The graphics also strikingly feature 2D hand-drawn images.

In our review of the game, Noelle Warner found the original to be rather dull and repetitive. Hopefully, for Forgive Me Father 2, Byte Barrel can address feedback and knock this one out of the park. It certainly has a visual style that makes it worth a look.

Forgive Me Father 2 is coming to PC at some point in the future. No release window was given.

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