Love Zombie gives the apocalypse a cute and cuddly makeover

Chunsoft is making it’s grand return to game publishing (didn’t you miss them?) with Love Zombie; a comedy horror game for the DS. You’ll take control of a legion of undead villagers, and lead them from a farm to a nearby town to attack the “bad humans” and “reclaim something” that the zombies had stolen from them. Their humanity, perhaps? Is that too obvious?

The game sounds a little like Pikmin, but with brain dead purple zombies instead of brain dead purple carrot people. You can even grow stuff for your zombies (like pudding and and clothing) from seeds on the local farm. As for enemies, there’s not a Spotty Bulborb in sight, but there’s plenty of scientists, Frankenstein’s Monsters, sexy ladies, and gun toting thugs to kill in their place. This game doesn’t make any sense, and it doesn’t sound like it’s trying to.

People may be sick of zombies, but personally, I can’t get enough. Zombies and videogames are like Superheroes and comic books. They just fit together. Hopefully some Western publisher will agree with me on this, and pick up Love Zombie for a U.S. release.

Chunsoft Zombie Game Revealed [AndriaSang]

Jonathan Holmes
"Where do dreams end and reality begin? Videogames, I suppose."- Gainax, FLCL Vol. 1 "The beach, the trees, even the clouds in the sky... everything is build from little tiny pieces of stuff. Just like in a Gameboy game... a nice tight little world... and all its inhabitants... made out of little building blocks... Why can't these little pixels be the building blocks for love..? For loss... for understanding"- James Kochalka, Reinventing Everything part 1 "I wonder if James Kolchalka has played Mother 3 yet?" Jonathan Holmes