‘Love Square Enix’ soundtrack has pretty music on it

Do you love Square Enix? If you do, you may very well want to import a new soundtrack CD that’s hitting Japan on November 25. Titled Love SQ, the soundtrack is a compilation of classic videogame tunes from the libraries of Square and Enix. Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Romancing Saga and Legend of Mana are all represented.

These aren’t just straight original tracks, of course. Each cut has been arranged by an established Japanese musician, so this could be a most interesting album indeed. Here’s the full track listing:

  • Final Fantasy — Main Theme (PE’Z)
  • Final Fantasy III — Yuukyuu no Kaze (De De Mouse)
  • Chrono Trigger — Chrono Trigger & Toki no Kairo (Novoiski)
  • Chrono Trigger — Harukanaru Toki no Kanata e (livetune)
  • Chrono Trigger — Kaeru no Theme & Sentou Shori (Sexy-Synthesizer)
  • Final Fantasy — Chocobo no Theme (Good Luck Heiwa)
  • Romancing Saga — Medley (note native)
  • Seiken Densetsu Legend of Mana — Medley (muZik)
  • Final Fantasy — Battle Medley (Pia-no-jaC)
  • Final Fantasy — Prelude (no.9)

Aside from the fact that the track list is so small, this could be quite a cool little album. What do you reckon? Do you love Square Enix enough to seek out these tunes, or have you had it up to here with rearranged Uematsu tunes?

Hey, at least “One Winged Angel” isn’t on it.

Jim Sterling