Love Plus arcade version hitting arcades this month

For some, having a little virtual girlfriend in a pocketable, portable game system is enough. Just being able to flip it open to look at her and talk to her is good enough. Others are looking for more. Others want to be closer, out in public, for all the world to see. It’s these lonely people that will be pleased to hear that the two arcade versions of Love Plus are confirmed for release in Japan later this month. 

Love Plus Medal Happy Daily Life promotes heavy petting. Probably. The game shoots out a 3D of your lover, just asking to be touched. Your virtual girlfriend will react to your touch in this medal game, says Andriasang.

Love Plus Arcade Colorful Clip gives you a souvenir to take home after your “date.” Play through minigames on your date and then take home a printed image to remind you of that special time you spent together.

Konami has set up connectivity between these games and both Love Plus (DS) and the upcoming 3DS title Project Love Plus. You’ll be able to send data from your games to the arcade units. Absolutely no one watching will judge you while you make this connection.

Dale North