Love is in the air for Destiny’s Crimson Days

Valentine’s Day-themed event

After a long holiday, Bungie is back to work this week. For the first update of the new year, Destiny will be adding an event not unlike the Festival of the Lost from Halloween. Except since this one is coming in February, it’s all about spreading the love. The Tower will be decorated in celebration of Crimson Days, and a special Crimson Doubles Crucible playlist will be available throughout the event. Bungie notes Crimson Doubles will have a “special twist,” but doesn’t go into detail on what exactly that is.

Some in the community have clamored for Doubles to be a permanent playlist, but as usual, this one will only stick around for a week, starting on February 9.

Also noteworthy is this month’s Iron Banner player-vs-player event, which is eschewing the usual Control (good game type) for Rift (best game type). Iron Banner starts next week at reset (January 26) and runs for a week.

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