Love-de-Lic-inspired 24 Killers launches March 9

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To the moon, Alice

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Happy Shabby Games has announced that their quirky, Love-de-Lic-inspired adventure game, 24 Killers, is set to drop on March 9th.

While the name might seem rather aggressive, 24 Killers is a lot more wholesome than it sounds, having you befriend and help the island’s inhabitants. By doing so, you gain strength and extra powers that all you to help more of the island’s inhabitants. You play as Home, an “echo” possessing the corpse of a dead soldier. You’re given orders by an alien named Moon, who promises to help you reverse a curse that’s eating away at you. Or something. If none of that makes sense to you or you’re a visual learner, Happy Shabby Games has provided a trailer.

It doesn’t take more than a cursory glance to see that 24 Killers takes a lot of inspiration from the games of Love-de-Lic and its offshoots.  Particularly, the 2D-from-3D art style reminds a lot of Moon: Remix RPG. Overlapping this is a quirky soundtrack, and while it’s no Hirofumi Taniguchi, it’s the right amount of weird and pleasant.

Being an incessant fan of Moon: Remix RPG and Chulip, it wasn’t difficult for 24 Killers to grab my attention. I’ve spent a not-insignificant gob of time with a pre-release build of it, and it’s about what I was hoping for. It nails the aesthetic and philosophy of Love-de-Lic’s joy-makers while still presenting something reflective of its creator. Love-de-Lic fans are the best people. Just look at how great I am.

24 Killers launches on PC March 9th, 2023.

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