Don’t you hate these stories? But look at it from my side. They’re a good way to start out a work week for a gaming blogger. Sure, they’re only mildly interesting, but they’re easy. Plus, it gives me a chance to link you to our excellent gamescom 2011 coverage. You see how this all works now? That priceless peek behind the curtain is on me, folks. 

gamescom broke a record, with 275,000 attending the event in Cologne, Germany last week. They are loving that they can say that they’re the world’s largest fair for interactive entertainment. TGS officials are grumbling under their breath right about now. 

The event had 557 exhibitors from 39 countries showing off 300+ games, many of them being Euro premiers. 5,000 members of the press from over 50 nations showed up. gamescom 2012 has already been dated: August 15-19.

Dale North