LOTRO turns two, Turbine celebrates by offering stuff

On April 24, the people over at Turbine celebrated the second anniversary of PC MMO, Lord of the Rings Online. And they’re inviting you to do the same. Both old and new players may find something worthwhile from the festivities.

Let’s explore a bit shall we? Until June 30, new special LOTRO pricing plans have been made available. Any multi-month plan is now a generous $9.99 a month. Both oldies and newbies can lock into this rate for the rest of their time with the game. Plus, if you join in on this special rate, you’ll get access to a special power, The Writ of Passage, which “provides 20% discounts at stable masters throughout Middle-earth” forever.

But that’s not exactly all: for a limited period of time, all monsters will drop a rare item that players can exchange for in-game gift boxes. We don’t know what’s inside of them, but we’ve been told they’re pretty special.

Happy birthday, right?

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