Lost Planet Colonies; Expansion? Spin-off? The Dutch have no idea.

InsideGamer.nl, the Dutch answer to the once mighty Spanish Armada, has uncovered some mysterious information about an upcoming title sporting the moniker Lost Planet Colonies. The game seems to be scheduled for release on the Xbox 360 and PC platforms in January of 2008, but besides that brief snippet, almost nothing is known of this title. Is it an extension of the current Lost Planet title? Is it an entirely new game? Perhaps the BabelFish-assisted translation of the original article will shed some light on this mystery:

Excluding: Planet Colonies discharge to 360 and PC. (X360, PC.) news | 17 June 2007 – Planet Colonies discharge will appear for Xbox 360 and PC.. According to the newest releaselijst of editor Nobilis the game in January 2008 will appear. Rather there already rumours that went a continuation or spin-off discharges Planet: Extreme Condition would appear. This month claimed a spokesman of Capcom even still know nothing of the title. It is however still unclear if it concerns here a completely new game or possibly mappack. However, it has been confessed that it concerns an action actie-game and these will be for a price of?29,99 buy.


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