Lost Planet: Colonies achievements revealed then un-revealed, info next week

It looks like one of the worst-kept secrets in gaming, Lost Planet: Colonies, is getting closer to a reality. 360 Sync recently posted an entire list of achievements for the title, and then was almost immediately asked by the Capcom overlords to pull the list. No worry, we can confirm that the list was pretty boring, with a ton of multiplayer achievements and not much story information. 

No one really knows the deal about Lost Planet: Colonies, other than that it’s been rumored for both the PlayStation 3 and PC for months (it has appeared with a “T” rating on the ESRB web site). While we’re inclined to say it’s some sort of “expansion,” it’s entirely possible the game will serve as a sequel.

We should be getting more information on the game soon — Capcom tells 360 Sync that “Information on Capcom’s new Lost Planet title will be coming next week.” The best thing that can happen? It’s revealed that Lost Planet: Colonies is actually a new Dead Rising game!

Nick Chester