Lost Planet action figure madness!

As I’m writing this, it’s entirely possible that there’s a copy of Lost Planet sitting at your local shop, just waiting for you to pick it up. Sure, it’s street dated for Friday the 12th; but some of the people that work at Target aren’t very bright, so you might want to take your chances. They’re also running a pretty good deal on twenty-pound bags of cat food. But anyhow …

While you wait, I thought some of you might want to check out the neat little pre-order item GameStop/EB Games is giving away — a figure of one of the Virtual Suits (VS) from the game, the PTX-40A. From the back of the packaging:

Originally intended for use in colonization, Vital Suits eventually evolved into powerful fighting machines which utilize Thermal Energy for power. The PTX-40A is the ultimate VS, equipped with a brainwave-reading super-computer which allows the pilot to control it by thought alone. Easily outclassing all other VS known to man, no hostile stands a chance!

All of that sci-fi jibber-jabber aside, the figure itself is pretty neat for a freebie. It can be articulated in seven places, all of which will fall apart if you try to move any of them. That’s right — you can’t expect too much from a free toy. Attempting any kind of movement of the figure will cause it to fall apart. So don’t even try it, buster.

So while the Lost Planet PTX-40A won’t be participating in any of my epic GI Joe/He-Man/Transformers/Thundercats action figure wars that I stage at least once (or twice) a month, it will look pretty snazzy displayed on a shelf somewhere. That or I’ll just throw it in a box with the rest of my video game crap.

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