Lost Planet 2 to get day one multiplayer DLC

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Lost Planet 2 already ships with a handful of multiplayer maps on the disc, but players are always demanding “more, more, more.” Because that’s what we do, and we’re never satisfied. Well Capcom is going to hook up even more content for you… on day one.

Those who pre-order the game with GameStop will receive the two downloadable maps, “Helix” and “Back to the Island,” completely free. But for those who refuse to step foot in the mega-retailer (or live on the moon where there are no GameStops), Capcom will also make the maps available as a paid download which will be live as soon as you pop the disc in.

I went hands on with both of the maps at Captivate, and each held up pretty well during the 16 player multiplayer skirmishes. “Back to the Island” looked a bit familiar, and for good reason — it’s a remake of the popular “Island 902” map from the original game, tweaked for Lost Planet 2.

“Helix” is an underwater NEVEC research facility, a map that encouraged the use of and showed off the new ability to swim by pressing and tapping the jump button. Pockets of air made good hiding spots and a quick reprieve from battle, and air jets scattered around the facility acted as “jump pads” that can shoot you up through the air to a higher platform.

Both maps were solid, and maybe worth whatever price Capcom will put on them, but free is the way to go here. You can just pre-order the game now and now have to worry about opening up your wallet again later. As to the price for those who don’t pre-order, Capcom isn’t ready to talk. We’ll find out next month, though — Lost Planet 2 ships on May 11 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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