Lost Planet 2 producer on demo’s release: ‘Soon, I guess’

Remember how Capcom had hoped to get a playable Lost Planet 2 demo out for public consumption around E3 time? That … didn’t happen. Instead, I got to hear from Dale and Hamza about how you can travel inside the stomach of a salamander boss, rather than experience it for myself, and ended up playing Yoshi’s Island out of jealousy.

According to Famitsu by way of Joystiq, Lost Planet 2 producer Jun Takeuchi has said the E3 demo will be available for download “soon, I guess.” Perhaps this is just me, but casually adding in “I guess” to the statement makes Takeuchi sound like a total badass.

There’s not much else to do but hope Capcom’s definition of “soon” matches your definition of the word, because that four-person co-op is begging to be played.

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