Lost Planet 2 details come to the surface, sound sexy

Like a fair few Destructoid readers, I never warmed up to the original Lost Planet. However, the more I hear about Lost Planet 2, the more hopeful I become. A new set of details have emerged concerning the Capcom sequel, and so far, it’s sounding hot.

First of all, LP2 is definitely taking the Resident Evil 5 route and making co-op the order of the day. Up to four players will team up to tackle an army of glowing bugs, with heavy emphasis on working together and taking responsibility for your allies. 

Besides having you mind your own T-ENG reserves when the fighting gets rough, Capcom also plans to incorporate something called a ‘Team Military Power Bar,” explains OXM. “If you happen to die during a mission, you’ll be able to immediately respawn at a data post – but your team’s overall Military Power Bar will take a hit.”

The part that really excites me about Lost Planet 2 is the customization factor. Rather than being poured into a pre-existing character mold, players will customize the look of their own unique Snow Pirate, from the armor to the weapons, and even a taunt. There will also be finishing moves that are described as being “a little like the chainsaws in Gears of War.”

OXM also describes a rather cool boss fight against a three-story tall monster, as one player takes the creature on in a vehicle while another uses a handheld missile launcher. As this goes on, a third player has grapple-hooked onto the monster’s back and is riding it “like a giant, living surfboard.”

It sounds like Capcom is really pulling out the stops to make Lost Planet 2 incredibly superior to the previous game. As someone who didn’t enjoy the first one, it’s crazy that I’m looking forward to the sequel as much as I am.

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