Lost Planet 2 character customization explained

If you’ve been following Lost Planet 2, you’re likely aware that the game will feature some relatively deep character customization options this time around. If not, now you know. To explain how some of these options work, Snow over at Capcom-Unity has posted a blog that details just what you can customize and how.

Weapons, for instance, are broken down into categories, and you can choose a favorite from each. Snow points out that if you prefer a shotgun for your short-range weapon, that’s what will appear on the battlefield for your character. If someone drops a different short-range weapon like a flamethrower, it’ll be a shotgun when you go pick it up. Pretty cool stuff.

The post contains further info on costumes, taunts (called Emotes in LP2), and nickname tags like those seen in SFIV. There’s also some hints and teasing on unannounced features, along with answers to some of the more popular questions about the game. It’s a fun read if you’ve been looking forward to Lost Planet 2, and you can check it out here.

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