Lost Odyssey will make you the talk of Hot Topic: Accessories are FABULOUS!

I must confess that it’s always bothered me when an in-game character is not shown to be wearing the items I’ve equipped on him or her. If I give a character some new armor, but God I want the classless boob wearing that new armor. Thankfully, Lost Odyssey‘s Kaim is all about the style, and you can make him look pretty as a princess with equippable items.

Whether it’s emo glasses or a fancy scarf, these accessories not only look *FABULOUS* but allow you to learn skills. Immortal characters in the game will be able to learn each ability, while human characters must keep the item equipped to benefit. Yet more rampant specism in the game world.

The side of me that’s positively flaming is looking forward to this incoming JRPG all the more now. Oh, I shall be the belle of the ball.

James Stephanie Sterling