Lori Saldana is our friend! Her fight against in-game adware

I guess it’s official. I have become the de facto Destructoid political commentator. If I start being invited to caucuses and presidential functions, I’ll be sure to espouse the joys of gaming and make fun of the word ‘caucus’ as much as humanly possible.

Thankfully, today I bring you guys some news about a politician who is actually on our side. After all the stories about polticos who turn into werewolves at night to sup upon our tender flesh, the story of Lori Saldana (pictured above), a San Diego Democrat, makes me want to move to California to support her (and, of course, to steal the bones of Vincent Price).

Ms. Saldana abhors in-game ads (and is planning on introducing a bill against them) such as those found in Battlefield 2142. She claims that they are a form of spyware, in so much as they are installed by a general public who knows no better while simply trying to play a game they purchased. Her point is very valid, and also well informed. In an era when our political leaders believe the internet to be made of tubes, her insight is almost shockingly intelligent. If you live in San Diego, voting for Lori “So what if I get my ideas from my 12-year-old son?” Saldana is one of the better poltical decisions you can make.

(Editor’s Note: I’m going to be really pissed if someone writes in to tell me that she’s a member of the Nazi party or that she skins Native Americans. Both of those would cause her to lose the support of Destructoid. — Nex)

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