Looks like Kingdom Hearts Unchained X[chi] will be coming to North America after all

Remember when KH was just a trilogy?

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Kingdom Hearts Unchained X[chi], the iOS and Android game announced earlier this week, might actually be coming to North American devices. In an interview with Famitsu, Tetsuya Nomura mentioned that the app is currently being tested in North America.

Nomura also mentioned that the North American dev team is trying to replace the game’s card-based combat with something more eye-catching. Unchained X[chi]‘s card combat system didn’t give what Nomura thought was a positive impression on North American test groups and is looking into alternatives for the system. 

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X[chi] doesn’t have a North American release date quite yet, but it’ll be hitting iOS and Android devices in Japan sometime this year.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Coming Overseas! [KHInsider]

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