Looks like Gal Gun was pretty successful for Inti Creates

Way above expectations

Inti Creates is one of my favorite developers in the game today. Whether they’re creating sequels to amazing NES games or showing Keiji Inafune how a Mega Man-like should be made, I’m genuinely excited to pop-in whatever new title the company releases. That includes last year’s Gal*Gun: Double Peace. When Chris and I did the devil’s threesome with the game, we both found it to be an enjoyable, fan-service-filled experience. Turns out we’re not alone in thinking that.

Dual Shockers recently spoke with Inti Creates CEO Takuya Aizu to talk about its recent titles, its future plans, and Gal*Gun. When asked about the support for the game since its launch, Aizu said, “We were extremely surprised. We could have never have asked for as good as of reception as we got. The game has currently sold four times as much as we had originally projected.”

In addition to two unannounced projects, Aizu said the developer is currently “putting effort” into Gal*Gun VR, but isn’t quite ready to announce which VR platform it will come to.

Inti Creates Interview – CEO Takuya Aizu Talks 2D Platformers, Blaster Master Zero, and Gal*Gun [Dual Shockers]

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