Looking for a new couch co-op game? Keep your eye on The Stretchers

From Tarsier Studios and Nintendo

Couch co-op is making a comeback in a big way this generation with the Nintendo Switch leading the charge. There have been so many wonderful, colorful, and just plain fun co-op titles to hit the platform since it first hit store shelves. And now, there’s a brand new, wacky-looking co-op party game that’s begging to be played. Well, in Japan at least.

It’s called The Stretchers. For one to two players, and if you’re playing co-op you are limited to a single Joy-Con each, it casts you as a paramedic responding to injured people around Green Horn Island. Get the call, hop in your ambulance, and then get to the scene as fast as you can and by any means necessary. Once there, you and your partner can carry the injured one-by-one or load them up on a stretcher to get it done faster. But, you better make sure the two of you are coordinated. Find all the injured parties and load them in your ambulance before setting off for the hospital.

Green Horn Island is yours to discover with farms, cities, beaches, castles and more waiting to be explored. As you progress, you’ll be able to upgrade your ambulance to go on water and fly through the sky. You can even take a break from all your life saving for less stressful activities, like carrying a bomb.

The Stretchers released today in Japan and according to its product page, it supports English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, and Chinese. So I think it’s a shoe-in for localization.

[Update: The game is now available on the North American and European eShop as of November 8.]

The Stretchers [Nintendo]

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