Look at this super skinny gaming rig from PiixL, two inches thick

Straps to the back of your TV

I’ve hid my gaming/media PC rig behind or under my television for years. It’s much easier these days with all of the small form factor boxes available.  But I don’t care how lovely they make these things; I’m still hiding them if I can.

This new 4K-ready gaming machine from London-based hardware startup PiixL was built with hiding in mind. Their G-Pack gaming rig mounts directly behind your HDTV, fitting behind anything between 37 and 70 inches in diagonal. Smart design has let them make a hefty gaming rig that’s only 2 inches thick. The form factor is VESA-mountable, so it works with existing TV mounts. The ports are edge-mounted, of course. 

The machines range from a Core i3/ GTX 960 rig ($1,695) all the way up to a Core i7 4790 / GTX 980 ($2,695), with the latter being fully capable of 4K play. 

Their Kickstarter has 22 days to go. They’re looking to hit $150,000 to get this going. The goal is to ship machines as well as empty chassis kits early next year. 

Where do you put your living room gaming rig? 

Dale North