Look at the upgrades to Unreal Engine 3

Yes, it definitely shows a lot of technical features a lot of us won’t care about. But it looks pretty!

Directional light shafts, high quality depth-of-field, color grading, cascaded shadow maps, seamless time of day transistion, weather effects, point light shafts, material layer blending and improved foliage rendering are all happening. And they are things I’d like to turn off in the advanced settings, just so I can actually play a game that uses it.

Perhaps you’re wondering what to do with this tech, other than making games look not-brown. Well, just try to visualize what kind of Japanese hentai tentacle game you could make with this. Material layer blending on girls that are 18 but look like 12! Directional light shafts everywhere!

Not impressed? Then check out the latest 3D Mark 11 trailer for more graphics fappage.

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