Look at all of these Halo: Reach screens!

A ton of new Halo: Reach media has made its way to Bungie’s Web site this week. There’s a bunch of new screenshots and some great concept art that you’ll want to take a look at in the gallery below. A profile on NOBLE Team, the unit you’ll be fighting along side with in Halo: Reach, has also been released detailing info on your future squad-mates. 

So what can we take away from these screens? Well, there’s new weapons, new vehicles, you’ll have a health bar on top of your rechargeable shield, three’s a new enemy type cousin to the Jackals and the new stealth kill system is shown off with one of the SPARTAN-IIIs stabbing this Elite in the back. Also, take a look at the screenshot above — Something right above the radar is censored. This most likely has something to do with your ability to augment your armor (cloaking, sprint, extra shielding, etc.)

Or, it’s a penis. Who knows!

Hamza Aziz