Long-awaited Runner3 finally has a release date

May 22

Let’s run through all of the Bit Trip games since 2009 real quick — Beat, Core, Void, Runner, Fate, Flux, Runner2, and Runner3. See a pattern here? Outside of two additional compilations the Runner series is the clear breadwinner, and after an announcement in early 2017, we’re nearly ready to receive Runner3.

I was just talking to a few people over the weekend about how so many folks forgot about this one, but come May you’ll be able to run all over again on PC and Switch. A physical copy is also on the way, with a PVC character strap, audio CD sampler, and an instruction booklet.

According to Choice Provisions it’s a timed console exclusive on Switch, and will make it to other platforms eventually. It feels right at home on a Nintendo system though, especially given the runner/mobile nature and the Switch’s ability to go portable.

Runner3 [Nicalis]

Chris Carter
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