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Long-awaited Infection mode comes to Halo Infinite on June 20

It’ll be part of Season 4

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I remember the very first time I played Infection in Halo 3. Zombies were making a comeback in popular media, and we were just a few years away from The Walking Dead arriving on TV and changing the entire creature-feature landscape for the next decade or so. In case you haven’t played it before the concept is simple, and you may have even enjoyed it on the schoolyard playground: there are two teams, one human and one zombie, and the zombies need to infect everyone they can. With a group of friends via local play, it’s complete chaos; and leads to some really intense moments and satisfying wins.

But like several aspects of Halo Infinite, it was conspicuously absent both at its December 2021 launch and in the subsequent months since. Well, that changes this summer. Here’s the full statement from the official Halo Twitter account, which was accompanied by concept art for the mode:

“Infection returns in Season 4 ☣️ The fight to survive starts on June 20.”

The latest episode of the “Spartan Chatter” podcast talks briefly about the mode 52:30 in, noting: “The fan-favorite absolutely sick and terrifying mode of Infection will be launching with Season 4. Yes, Infection is also going live, it’s a signature mode for Season 4…we’re super excited for that, expect a full deep dive on that later.”

Vague to be sure, but that’s really all you need. The mode’s aim is really easy to convey, and fans know exactly what to expect.

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